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Playing with silhouettes

While I’m sitting at home working on a whole different set of images, I stumble across some pictures from summer 2017. It was a blindingly bright day and felt like the perfect moment to capture what my brain was telling me to see as I watched my kids play. Now for a bit of background, my older son is fairly dark-skinned going on his father’s side of the family. And my younger son is on the fairer side of my own family. This is merely a fact to me. Their skin has never bothered me and never will…although the children being five and three years old, it has become somewhat of an issue amongst them (which really isn’t). This is probably why I love this image, because to me it speaks a thousand words. They are people and they are the same. Their outlines tell the story. It’s funny to feel like you see more in a silhouette than when all the details are clear in front of you, it’s just about your perspective.

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