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Being silly

DSC_0300Lunch time thoughts :

All day, behave like an adult, sit still, do your work, what will people think ? Stress, stress, stress! Well id like to say that are are all a little silly and its good and healthy. I’d like to sound smart and stick in a silly statistic here but i don’t have one to hand. But when your silly it makes you feel good and thats more than enough of a reason to do something that makes you feel good. It’s almost the last month of the year and I’m sure everyone has just been doing what they should have done all year so give yourself a break and let out some crazy and if it works let me know.

( This picture was taken of me having a fabulous tea party with some three year olds )

Get ready, get set and GO!

#besilly #fun


I'm Sabiha, a Londoner residing in putney and mum of two non stop boys. I've been taking pictures for the last 10 years as a passionate venture and found my own children have been my inspiration. Currently, I photograph weddings, events, parties and my personal favourite, children and babies. Please feel free to contact me for anything ! I mean anything, I'm quite multi-talented.

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