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Project Planets

So my posts are not currently consistent, but I’m realising that blog writing can be had work. I thought it was easy to write anything that comes to your mind. Not really, and then you want to write something worth reading or looking at. So here goes…

About a year ago I bought some crafty bits thinking I would design a solar system with my children… for a year these things sat in a box. In a quest to find something educational and fun for my kids ( and because it was a rainy day ) we finally got out the goods.

I do not encourage painting with kids, in fact i hate it. Having a background in arts, I want to do everything but paint with my kids. But this was for them so mama took a back seat. It was exciting really because we were not following instructions on a box and had no idea if it would look cheap and tacky or phantasmagoric (fun word). 

I’m happy to say that it was a monumental success. The photos were edited but the painted planets were my children’s masterpieces.

Ps. There is a sneaky planet Eesa in there.

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