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Project Snowflakes

Given the recent snow and a day stuck indoors, there were limited things to do. So i hit up Pinterest. I’m quite creative with coming up with projects but this time i was desperate. It was the first weekend at home since a long time and they were beginning to behave like monkeys trapped in a cage, lord help me.

But with a quick whip up of some loo rolls, paint (from back in the day when i had time in university to paint), and some snot that the tooth fairy left behind, we manages to muster up these little beauties.

Got to love these little rascals even if they keep me on my toes.

If you give this a go, its quite straight forward. Cut the rolls in slices, paint, and dip in glitter and stick together! thats one hour with the kids good luck and let me know how it goes!! Please like and share to keep me being a sane adult because today I’m struggling.

Thank you lovely people x



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