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I’m Sabiha, a Londoner residing in putney and mum of two non stop boys. I’d like to say the journey began with photographing my children but it was a bit more. If I think back to the memories, it was a slow calibration of moments that manifested the image of my life right now. My first memory of anything to do with photographs was when my mum bought me a disposable camera for the first time for a school trip. I couldn’t even remember were the trip was to but i remember the thrill of having a camera in my hands, it was my prized possession. I felt like the boss, none of my friends had a camera and everyone wanted to have a picture. It was a big deal back then. 

Another memory was when my older sister bought me my first SLR camera for my 16th birthday. I don’t know why she did, we didn’t come from a rich family and so buying an SLR was a huge deal. But my sister has these moments of showing extreme affection by doing outrageous things so maybe that’s why. All I remember after was I did not put that camera down… it was like my pen, always with me and ready. At this point I had no editing knowledge but playing with lines and perspective became a daily pursuit. Coming home to look at what i had seen and how different it could look through a lens made me happy beyond belief.

Studying architecture taught me a lot about how to take aesthetically pleasing photos and playing with depth of field. I explored landscape photography and another favourite topic of moulding light and shadows to convey the desired effect for an image.

Soon after, I went on to have my first son, the one and only Eesa who you will have the pleasure of seeing through this site.  Taking his picture for the first time and feeling something I had never witnessed before, an indescribable feeling of love and passion and frenzy in one concoction. Having children has probably taught me some of life’s biggest lessons. About patience, importance, values, the list goes on and on. I suppose the biggest change was having children humbled me as there was so much I was unaware of.

All these moments led me to this path and I could not be more grateful to be led here. I do what I love and i hope that i make people happy as i do. I do it with passion and use all the tools life has given me to fish for the moments that will pass in a heart beat. This is all I want and I’ve ever wanted. Simple as that.

Thank you for reading and I would love to hear what you think of my work. Thanks for stopping by and if there is anything I can do to help you please get in touch and we can figure it out !

Sabiha @gigilphotography



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